More Than A Mirror: Horses, Humans, and Therapeutic Practice

More Than A Mirror: Horses, Humans, and Therapeutic Practice


A deep and passionate study of both the theory and practice of EAP/EAL from Horse Sense of the Carolinas founder Shannon Knapp and other key leaders in the field. More than a Mirror offers an examination of the therapeutic process, including the role of the horse and the horse professional in creating meaningful, significant change for clients. With an intro by Linda Parelli!

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Praise for the book:

"This book is a MUST read for anyone working with an equine partner. Why? Because Shannon Knapp wrote it. Shannon is a leader in the business of equine-assisted learning. She authentically and expertly engages people to make the world a better place for all two-legged’s and four-legged’s. Best of all, she’s a caring visionary who is dedicated to creating opportunities for transformational change in horses and humans–every single day!"
     -Tracy Weber, Ph.D.; Founder and Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Learning Center

"Shannon is a gift to the field of Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning.  An excellent practitioner, an accomplished business owner and a talented author, her ideas are grounded from multiple perspectives. Regardless of these accomplishments- Shannon remains curious, generous  and innovative. When Shannon is present, people & horses listen and engage because they know its going to be good."
     -Pam McPhee, MSW; Founder and Executive Director of The Brown Center

"Shannon Knapp is a leading expert in the field of equine assisted psychotherapy and learning. Her expertise and professionalism is demonstrated in all of her endeavors. Shannon has the unique ability to bring people together to share their wisdom and provide information and direction to those new to the field. This book is a wonderful example of the power and spirit of collaboration."
     -Leif Hallberg, LPC; Grain Integrative Health

“Once again, Shannon Knapp has proven to be on the leading edge of our field. This book challenges all who are passionate about this work to continue questioning and improving to elevate equine facilitated therapy and learning to its rightful place beside other powerful experiential modalities. Her continued generosity in sharing the details of her own journey should inspire evolution and excellence among all EFP/L practitioners."
     -Kris Batchelor, BA; Founder and Operator of Triple Play Farm, LLC

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