Shannon Knapp has teamed up once again with the wonderful folks at Natural Lifemanship, this time to provide high quality business support. This 5-week business support class will give you virtual access to the latest information on equine assisted practices, from one of the industry's most experienced and successful facilities.

5-Week Program Offers:

  • Group format on Zoom with some teaching and discussion/questions
  • 1 hour group sessions
  • 10 people per group maximum / 5 min
  • One-on-one hour consultation included in the price
  • $375 per session for whole 5 weeks


Support Your Professional Growth with Our Themed Presentation Bundles!

Each bundle contains 5 well-rounded presentations and is good for 7 EAGALA CEUs.  

Choose a bundle and you'll have unlimited access to each of the presentations for only $90!

Nuts & Bolts

Presentations Included:

  • "The Many Faces of EAP/EAL Practices: Models for Practice” by Shannon Knapp & Leif Halberg

  • “Liability Insurance for the Practice” by Mark Fredericksen

  • “How Do You Make Money at This?” by Michelle Holling‐Brooks

  • “Contracts and Proposals: Start Out Right!” by Shannon Knapp

  • "Setting your prices and splitting the fees" by Kathy Taylor


Business Sense

Presentations Included:

  • “Billing Private Insurance and Medicaid” by Stephanie Bowman

  • "Optimizing Your Business in a Down Economy" by PJ Stegan

  • "What Hat Do You Wear? Consultant; Trainer; Facilitator; Coach - Gaining Clarity on the Difference" by Nancy Lowery

  • “Grow your business profitably” by Kathy Taylor

  • "Marketing your EAL Program in the Health Sector" by Beverley Kane


Presentations Included:

  • "Collaborating with Residential Facilities to Provide EAP Services" by Kendall Smith

  • "A Horse of a Different Color: Adding EAP Services to an Existing Psychotherapy Practice" by Stephanie Bowman

  • “Natural Lifemanship and Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy” by Tim & Bettina Jobe

  • "The Transitioning Families Model: Reunification/Reintegration Therapy" by Dr Rebecca Bailey

  • “Horses as Contemplative Practice” by Shannon Knapp

All About Horses

Presentations Included:

  • “Horses as Contemplative Practice” by Shannon Knapp

  • "Wounded Healers & Dual Relationships: Rescued Horses & Using Personal Horses in Sessions" by Shannon Knapp

  • "Enriching Horses for Consciousness" by Jayna Wekenmann

  • "Selecting & Assessing Horses for EAP/EAL" by Richard Knapp

  • "The Role of the Horse in EAP/EAL Practices" by Shannon Knapp