Equine Assisted Learning for Individuals

Horses as Teachers

"This could change your life!" - Stephanie Egust

Experience the natural wisdom of these kind and intuitive animals.

Horses are masters at being in the present moment, grounding us in the here and now. What do you want to experience? What do you want to change? How would you like to grow?

Do you want to:

  • Rejuvenate and renew?
  • Learn more about your personal leadership & communication style?
  • Enhance your intention, power and focus?
  • Improve your personal skills with co-workers, family and others?
  • Connect with yourself and the natural environment at a different, instinctive level?

Horse Sense of the Carolinas uses Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) to help individuals become better, stronger and more successful. By utilizing the curious, instinctive nature of the horses, we help you change yourself and the world around you.

There are 3 ways many have chosen to explore this individual path: 

Discovery Session

A single, targeted, 2-hour session for exploration and feedback, or for renewal and stress reduction. We can focus on any issue/challenge before you, and the horses will offer you feedback on how your current skill set is working for you. They will also give you the opportunity to change your behavior in the moment and "test out" how your new skills will be received. 

Focus Work

Three 1-hour sessions designed to address "hot issues" for you, such as how to give and receive feedback, how to coach and develop others (family or co-workers!), how to practice self-care and self-compassion and other issues, unique to you!


For folks who’ve participated in our Focus Work, as needed sessions for exploration of your life and your direction and growth.

Contact us to discuss your program today!