Re-Writeable Forms & Paperwork

Re-Writeable Forms & Paperwork


This download contains all the “essential” forms Horse Sense has developed and refined over several years. With your purchase, you’ll receive a customizable Word documnet as well as a PDF, so you can reference the layout of the original forms even after you've edited them.

You’ll also receive lifetime updates and notification every time the book is revised or updated. These forms are the most basic and crucial ones needed to conduct EAP or EAL.

Among the documents you'll find:

  • Phone Screening/Referral Form
  • Release of Information Contract
  • Registration
  • Counseling Assessment
  • Group Note/Session Note
  • Medical History
  • Emergency Information and Health Care Consent
  • Equine Activity Liability Agreement and Risk Acknowledgment
  • Treatment Plan
  • Policies and Consent for Treatment
  • Discharge Summary
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Client Rights and Responsibilities

Take a peek inside the manual.

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