Policies & Procedures Manual (Print)

Policies & Procedures Manual (Print)


Why reinvent the wheel when you can use the Horse Sense Policies & Procedures Manual as your guide?

Here's a small selection of the form templates you'll be purchasing when you buy the Policies & Procedures Manual:

  • Compliance
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict Resolution
  • EAGALA Approved Provider Standards
  • Equal Opportunity Employment
  • Exit Interview
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • First Aid Stations
  • Harassment
  • Injury On The Job/Worker’s Compensation
  • Intake Procedures
  • Licensure, Certification and Registration
  • Medical Records Storage
  • Sliding Scale Fees
  • Therapist/ES Post-session Debrief

Designed specifically for EAP/EAL businesses, this is an invaluable resource for any company, at any stage of the game! With your purchase, you will receive a PDF for reference and a workable Microsoft Word file that you can modify and edit to suit your specific program and needs - all sent directly to your email inbox! You'll also find the Horse Sense Forms and Paperwork in the appendix of this manual, with lifetime updates each time we at Horse Sense update our internal paperwork!

Take a peek inside the manual!

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