Natural Lifemanship Relationship Logic with Rescued Equines; Jun 21st-23rd

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The NL Relationship Logic Immersion is a rare and unique experience for participants to deepen and expand their understanding of Natural Lifemanship, as well as the equines with which they interact. This June 21st-23rd, at Horse Sense of the Carolinas, training participants will be given the opportunity to work with horses (and in some cases other members of the equine family) who have been rescued from various adverse circumstances, including abuse and neglect.  These rescues are on a path to one day be adopted into a loving family where they can finally relax and be themselves. Immersion participants will play an important role in helping them get to their forever homes.

Our rescued horses are finally getting their basic needs for food and shelter met, however, they often bring with them a history of trauma - much like our clients do.  They need time spent in a trusting, predictable relationship in order to heal and begin to see humans as partners again. In this Relationship Logic Immersion, participants will get to work intensively with one rescue horse, from the ground, for three days - helping each horse learn to engage and relax in connection with humans.  This is a necessary step toward a successful adoption for them.

Training participants will come away from this training with a deeper appreciation and understanding of their work with horses, as well as for approaching trauma in general.

Emily Koenig