"How To" Training: Trauma-Informed Equine-Assisted Mindfulness

Fri, Jun 28, 20196:00 PM  Sun, Jun 30, 20194:00 PM



This 2.5 day training is designed for professionals in the field of Equine Assisted Practices and will teach you the ins and outs of offering Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Mindfulness™ to your clients.


  • Learn to better attune to your clients' needs, as well as your own

  • Help yourself and your clients develop insight into the self regulation process

  • Learn how to utilize formal & informal mindfulness practices

  • Utilize horses and horse activities in building mindfulness skills

Friday evening, starting at 6pm, we'll lay out the weekend plan, and begin the learning process of Trauma-Informed Equine Assisted Mindfulness. Saturday we'll spend together in practice in "A Day Of Mindfulness with Horses". Sunday we'll look at the process of offering these services with clients, including indications and concerns with mindfulness and trauma, as well as other approaches to working with mindfulness and horses. Finally, we'll spend some time on how to promote and market the service, both in a therapy and learning setting. 

Full refund if you cancel with more than 90 days notice. Within 90 days of the event, we will keep $95 to cover administrative fees. Within 1 week notice no refund available. 

*Lunch is provided Sat & Sun*

Emily Koenig