Introduction to Natural Lifemanship and TF-EAP™ – April 6th, 2018 – Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Marshall, NC

April 6th @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Horse Sense of the Carolinas – Marshall, NC, 6919 Meadows Town Rd
Marshall, NC 28753 United States

CE Credit: 4.5 CE Hours are awarded (NBCC, NASW, NAADAC)

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Natural Lifemanship’s TF-EAP is founded on the modern neurobiology research that has given
rise to trauma-informed care in mental health and human services. 

Introduction to Natural Lifemanship & TF-EAP™ is a one-day training that covers the basic science and principles at the foundations of Natural Lifemanship.

This training is for anybody who wants to learn about brain development, trauma-informed care, and the role of connected, attuned relationships in promoting positive growth, well-being, healing and recovery. Participants will gain foundational knowledge and a basic understanding of the Natural Lifemanship principles for building connected relationships. The introductory training does not replace the Fundamentals of NL training nor does it cover the material we teach at that training in as much depth; but, it is meant to provide a solid overview for a minimal time commitment and expense.

Who should attend? 

Anybody interested in the following questions should consider attending the Introduction to NL & TF-EAP:

  • How does the brain develop? What are the effects of trauma?
  • Why does connection matter? What does connection have to do with the brain?
  • Because connection matters, what are the implications for how we build relationships?
  • How do the NL principles for building connected relationships support healthy development, mental health and recovery?
  • What do these principles look like and feel like in action?*

*Some, but not all, introductory trainings will include horses. When it is possible to include horses at these trainings, participants will observe live demonstrations and may be given the opportunity to experience the NL principles in relationship with a horse (no horse experience is necessary). When trainings do not include horses, videos and other kinds of activities may be used to demonstrate and experience the principles. Each individual training description will indicate whether or not horses will be included in the training.

NOTE: This training does NOT count toward NL Certification. The entry level training required for NL Certification is the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship.

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Emily Koenig