Welcome to Our New Site!

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Welcome to our new website!

We're excited to put a new foot/hoof forward in the virtual universe.

What's new?

First, we've made our site cell-phone & iPad friendly, so folks on the go can connect with us and what we have going on. We are rolling out some new and exciting equine experiences in 2018, and want to make sure everyone can register and reserve space easily, which means being able to do it all from your phone or iPad!

Second, we wanted to combine ALL the work we do into ONE website, so folks could "one-stop-shop" for what they need. Instead of having one website JUST focus on our trainings, consultation and product support for Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning professionals and ANOTHER focus on our Therapy and Learning services here in Western North Carolina, we wanted everything to be in one home. We do a LOT in the community, both locally and internationally, and were feeling a little split between the two sites.

Third, we wanted a makeover, and a way to show off all the wonderful photos that guest photographers have been taking for us through the years, including Don Schuster & Tanner Jobe, among others. 

As we step into 2018, Horse Sense of the Carolinas will be 15 years old. As we continue to grow and serve for another 15 years, we are looking forward to your thoughts and feedback on the new site, about our services and about our future. What works? What needs work? Contact us to drop us a line! 

Finally, a thank you goes out to Emily Wray, Em Koenig, and Jo Mosser whose vision and collaborative effort helped make this new website a reality. It takes a village!

Jo Mosser